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Ship your bike to or from Oregon

When you need to get your motorcycle to or from Oregon with a minimum of stress and hassle, give us a call – we’ll help you get it there quickly and safely.

Whether you need to get your bike to or from Salem, Eugene, Portland or another city or town within the Beaver State, all you need is to call us with 1) a description of your bike (motorcycle, trike, ATV, etc.) and 2) the ZIP codes of your bike’s current location and its destination. We’ll then supply you quickly with a quote from one of our top-notch carriers from our nationwide network.

And you’ll owe us absolutely nothing until you hire the carrier company that we source for you.

  • Your carrier’s driver will come to you (or the person you designate) at the location you choose to pick up your bike and secure it in his truck. He won’t leave until you’re satisfied.
  • If your bike is going to or from Canada, Hawaii or Alaska, it will be placed in a crate for safer transit.
  • If you’d like to make sure it will be placed in a crate no matter its destination, just let us know and we’ll provide a quote for you for that additional service.
  • We never anticipate damage to your bike – our carriers work hard to ensure damage doesn’t occur. But damage can happen. If so, please let us know and we’ll work hard to rectify the matter.
  • In addition, we always provide up to $5,000 in liability coverage. You may purchase more if you desire.

We ship:

  • Motorcycles
  • Sport Bikes
  • Touring Bikes
  • ATVs
  • Trikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Jet Skis

Give Tammy a call today at 877-874-7213 for your free, no-obligation quote.