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Shipping Services

Caring, Careful and Expert Motorcycle Shippers!


If you think of us for just one thing, think of us when it comes to shipping your motorcycle.

We know how much bike owners love their bikes. They love them more than homes, more than pets – sometimes more than their children or spouses! (Well, maybe not more than the kids….)

So when it comes to ensuring that your baby gets to where you need it to go – whether that spot be in the “lower 48 states,” Hawaii, Alaska, or a Canadian province, count on us to help you get it there safely and with undamaged (and we mean nary a nick)!

Your bike will be strapped securely and carefully as you watch. We guarantee your asset will be taken care of just as you would were you able to travel with it with your carrier.


Trike riders are a special bunch. They love the open road just as their two-wheeled counterparts do, but enjoy a bit more stability. Yet they’re mavericks, as well: Trikes, to the unschooled, connote kindergarten and six-year-olds. Fools! Instead, we know that trike riders pooh-pooh the ignorami and follow their own road. We salute them – and look forward to shipping their vehicle.

Jet Skis

Jet skis have to be one of the most exciting vehicles invented by man. Skim over a lake or ocean at 30, 50 or even 70 mph? What’s not to like?

Please note that we do require that your crate your jet ski or load it on a trailer prior to the carrier’s pickup of the Jet Ski or Sea-doo.

Touring Bikes

Who doesn’t like to take a long trip on the open road? Touring bikes make the trip easier – and we can help you make the trip even easier by shipping your touring bike to an end point so that you can ride it back home. Or you can ride the bike to your destination and then ship it back home with us. This is a great arrangement for owners who love long road trips but don’t have time to make the full round trip.

Hoping to get to a road rally, show or other motorcycle event far from home? Call us at 877-874-7213 to arrange for one of our trusted carriers to ship your touring bike to or from the event/rally.


Snowmobiles can be a bit tricky to ship – their sled blades can get scuffed or otherwise marred. That’s why our carriers use a special dolly system that prevents the blades from even touching the cargo spaces’ flooring when the carrier places the snowmobile in its truck.

Sport Bikes

Sport bikes are a bit more “delicate” when it comes to their shipping needs and need extra care in securing them safely, ensuring that they won’t be dinged, marred or scratched while in transit.

Count on our experienced carriers to understand the difference between a “simple” motorcycle and a sport bike and therefore know how to secure it correctly for safe transport


Many people would love to ride their ATVs in spots far from home. Yet most states don’t consider ATVs to be “street legal.” And those that do have various levels of restrictions on where you may ride it, how fast, etc.

So how can you get your ATV to the place you want to ride? Ship it with Motorcycle Shipping Co. Call us today at 877-874-7213 to learn more about how ATV shipping services.